Increase you knowledge about Decorative LED Lights

Increase you knowledge about Decorative LED Lights

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The most basic purpose of lights is to provide visibility. But as the technology has advanced, many more uses of lights have come into picture. Talking about decorative lights, these act as the accessory of a house thereby accentuating its appeal. Nowadays, LEDs are used for decorative luminaires to add character to a given space while the decorative fixtures can serve the purpose of accent lighting.

Some of the decorative fixtures include:

  • Chandeliers Bulb:

Chandeliers have long been an important element of ambient lighting whether in the entrance or the dining rooms. However nowadays these are being used in other spaces as well.

Mentioned here are the 4 kinds of decorative LED lights that are getting highly popular:

LED Battens

LED Battens are quite elegant and can be efficient enough to light up your living area. You can either use just one batten or multiple battens in several patterns to level up the visual appeal of the room.

  • LED Spot Light

LED spotlights are just the exact kind of luminaires particularly if you an art fanatic. These lights can be used on the walls to highlight the beauty of the pictures or paintings hanging in your room. Besides, these can be also used in book shelves, your cabinets, or desks.

  • LED Bulb

Being highly cost effective solutions, LED lights can be your savior for pretty much every situation. Whether it’s the basic lighting or enhancing the décor, these lights can do anything. You can just hang a bunch of LED bulbs in your room through some DIY ideas or use the pendant fixtures to decorate your room.

  • LED Panel Light

Panel lights offer more variety in terms of shapes and design. Besides, these carry minimalistic design element and are extremely easy to install. These units can very well outperform the conventional lights in every way. Whether it’s the festive season or you just wish to flaunt your home décor, panel lights can work wonders for your house.

Decorative LED lighting for different spaces

1. Living Room:

In the living area, the main lighting source should be placed just above the central sitting area. Besides, the plants, paintings, show pieces can be used to display a contrast thereby rendering a dramatic effect in the room.

2. Bathroom

For the bathroom, since the most important area is the mirror and vanity, use the decorative lights like scones in a way that it doesn’t case a shadow while one is looking in the mirror.

3. Dining Area

For the dining area, use light fixtures like pendants so as to illuminate the table from the top instead of the sides thereby avoiding shadows.

4. Bedroom

As the bedroom doesn’t need much light during a majority of time, the table lamps work best and are more practical.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights like floodlights and spot lights can be used in the garden area and the pool area. These not only increase the security but are also great for having fun at gatherings.

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