About us

Who We Are?

Class, Competence and Cost. We have excelled the three Cs of the industry with our speckless performance since 1972, back when the company was established. Our history is filled with a stupendous and splendid business record.

Delivering the best in class, innovative product range from almost 4 decades now, our position in the lighting industry is indisputably unshakable.

Our huge portfolio easily accommodates a variety of electrical products ranging from gls bulbs, reflector bulbs, medical infrared bulbs, railway lamps, industrial heating radiating lamps, HPSV lamps, Mercury Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps and many more.

In a comparatively recent time, 2009 to be precise, Murphy introduced to its manufacturing units, the equipment and tech how to commence the manufacturing of LED lights, having attained expertise in three core technologies- electrical design, mechanical design and optical design, our LED lighting products are efficient, long-lasting and designer class.

To create products that win hearts, one always has to make sure that the tools used are the right equipment needed. For that we have developed a state of art infrastructural facility under the efficient guidance of our expert professional and qualified engineer with strong adherence to the quality management system.

There always has been a belief that everything we do should only positively impact our consumers apart from obviously being productive for our team of dedicated and passionate workers. In an attempt to excel the satisfaction of stakeholders, and end users, we keep in mind all aspects of control, quality, and credence in mind to be the best, always.

Why Murphy

Adept & Efficient

Electrical products manufactured here at Murphy are energy efficient and deliver the brightest light with minimal energy wastage.


Lasting two times more than any other ordinary lighting, Murphy truly rules out the doubt of long lasting and durability.

Assorted Options

With a huge range of products to choose from, Murphy offers a great variety and complete trust to the consumer and thus becomes an all-time favorite.

Murphy deals in electronic products especially lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors and we follow the aim to extract the maximum satisfaction from our end users. The sole aim is to be able to bring out safer, cheaper and greener alternatives of lighting.

Mr. Hari Om Mangal

With over 40 years of experience in the light industry, Mr. Hari Om Mangal has been a veteran player at Murphy. His vision has enabled the company to spearhead towards a better tomorrow.

Mr. Nitesh Mangal

Mr. Nitesh Mangal holds an experience of more than 12 years in the lighting industry. With his degree in Management as well as Accounting & Finance, he has rendered unique insights in favour of the company’s progress.

Mr. Harshit Mangal

Holding an experience of more than a decade in handling development and technical issues, Mr. Harshit Mangal plays a crucial role at Murphy. His technical knowledge has enabled us to achieve various feats.