LED Façade Lighting that Beautify Buildings from Outside

LED Façade Lighting that Beautify Buildings from Outside


LED Façade lighting is used to highly the architectural beauty of buildings. In this, several conventional technologies are combined to produce colorful lights in different shapes and sizes. These light patterns can also be customized as per the structure of the building or the requirement.

This kind of lighting not only lights up the façade (the front portion of a building) but also accentuates its visual appeal. These may include the entrance areas and certain signs that are made informative so as to help the visitors. It also helps in promoting the business of the company and spreading the words for a particular event.

Apart from the building area façade lighting also includes lighting up the areas like parking, entrance, pathways, parks, etc. In such cases, the purpose of lighting is manifold. It caters to the security of that particular area, increases visibility in a large area, helps the passersby, and renders different aspects of lighting solutions.

Use of LEDs in Façade Lighting

While LEDs are replacing all other kinds of luminaries in the lighting industry, façade lighting is no different. LEDs are particularly advantageous for this purpose because of several reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • LEDs are ideal for lighting up the outdoor areas because these are not sensitive to the cold weather.
  • LEDs have a greater scope for multiple design options.
  • Conventional lamps need color filters while LEDs are equipped with semiconductor chips that render the colored light.
  • LEDs come with the advantage of low maintenance cost and a long life as compared to any other kind of luminaries.
  • With LEDs, the directional light can be easily used for facades and lettering.

The Current & Future Trends

Light and music Show

Over a long period of time, the concept of lighting has taken a whole another form. Right from the invention of bulb for the simple purpose of lighting to the latest technology for an expansive range of operations, luminaries have changed a lot of things. The professional lighting is not just responsible for long-term cost savings regarding operations, equipment, and aesthetics.

In the current times, there are basically two kinds of technology used for façade lighting:

    • Dynamic Lighting:

This technology contains programmable LED lights that carry color changing as well as color temperature changing abilities. These have a long life, carry almost zero maintenance cost and are quite easy to install.

    • Media Façade:

Another technology is the media façade whereby the process of video mapping is used to create live videos and dynamic scenes on the façade. This category also includes the light and sound shows whereby LED luminaries are integrated with the sound system to generate theme based lighting.

In the years coming ahead, the façade lighting industry in India is witnessing huge growth. Not only more and more companies are demanding quality products but they are also looking for fully integrated end-to-end LED solutions for their business promotions and advertisement purposes.

Façade Lighting Solutions

Façade Lighting is multipurpose lighting as it serves many purposes. Nowadays it is used as a marketing gimmick, as a communication tool, and as an emotional link between the architecture of a building and the spectators. Whether it’s a modern design or a historic monument, lighting lets the architecture speak for itself. Furthermore, it also gives a limitless scope for presenting brands through text, images, and animation.

Murphy believes in operating at pace with the modern technology advancements and hence addresses several lighting purposes. Right from the downlights to floodlights and from high bay light to spot light, Murphy offers a lot of options for the outdoor lighting solutions.


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