Choosing the Right Murphy light for your home

Choosing the Right Murphy light for your home


Watts in a LIGHT!

Lighting is an important part for a home not just to drive the darkness away but also to create a welcoming environment. There are a variety of lights that serve different purposes like making the living room more vibrant or making the study room more productive.

To help you install the right kind of light at home, here are some guidelines for every section of a house.

Living Room

Living room is the first section of a home that your guests and visitors notice. Hence you need to make sure that it gives out welcoming vibes thereby making the guests comfortable. This is the area of the house where most of the conversations and activities take place.

It’s recommended to use lights that accentuate the structure of the walls and ceilings. You can use LED panel light or the spot lights at spots that add beauty to the room.


There are different styles of kitchens and the lighting often differs as per the layout. For example, if it’s an open kitchen it would requires less of lights. Another important fact is that the lights should not bother the person who is working in the kitchen.

Instead of overhead lights in the cooking area, the sections like the sink need more illumination. Go for LED bulbs, down light or spotlights and make your kitchen brighter.


Bedrooms are meant for comfort and relaxation and hence don’t require much of lighting. Avoid installing bright lights at the centre of the room. Instead use warm lights that reflect welcoming and hospitable vibes.

You can use LED downlights and LED spotlights in your room, particularly for the walls where you want to highlight a piece of art. And not to forget the lamps by the bedside so that you can read your favorite material before dozing off to sleep.


As far as the bathroom is concerned, this is the area which needs adequate amount of lighting. This is because you get dressed here and groom yourself. If it’s not well lit, anything could go wrong.

The ideal place to fix the lights is above the mirrors so that you can see a clear reflection of yourself. You may use either LED spotlights or LED bulbs for this purpose.

Study room

A study room or a library is simply for reading and hence you need to make sure that you use efficient lighting system that doesn’t strain your eyes.

Use energy efficient and eco friendly Murphy LEDs and lamps and enjoy good reading experience without causing any adverse impact on your eyesight.

Outside the house

It’s often neglected but the area outside the house definitely needs to be adequately illuminated. And for this purpose, LED floodlights are the best option. A good amount of brightness not just ensures safety of the house but also keeps the nearby area well lit.

From LED floodlights to LED down lights and from spotlight to LED bulbs, Murphy offers a wide range of luminaries that serve different purposes and keep your house well adequately illuminated.

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