Brighten up your Workspace with Murphy Lights for Enhanced Productivity

Brighten up your Workspace with Murphy Lights for Enhanced Productivity


A workspace needs to be highly illuminated as it serves as a platform for employees to work for long durations. It’s highly important for a commercial or industrial space to provide essential amenities to the employees. Right from infrastructure to office supplies and tools, each and every element is crucial. However, one of the most important elements that we often ignore is the lighting.

A proper lighting in a place not only livens up the space but also welcomes more ideas. Not many people may realize this but a properly illuminated workspace ensures good amount of productivity. Working in poor lighting not only strains people’s eyes but is also found to be a major cause of dissatisfaction in many offices.

Here are some guidelines that can help you choose the best light for your office space.

1. Don’t use too dim or too harsh lights

Using too dim or too harsh lights can be harmful for the health of the people working in the office space. Hence, it is advised to use lights with just the right amount of brightness. Usually the commercial and industrial spaces uses panel lights for adequate illumination.

2. Use energy efficient lights

Since any work space requires multiple varieties of lights that keep lit for several hours, it is advisable to use energy efficient LEDs. In this way, you can avoid heft electricity bills and at the same time it will save the environment from the harmful effects, unlike the conventional incandescent luminaries.

3. Install overhead fixtures

One should not ignore the fact that overhead fixtures of lights are important in workspaces, especially where employees are required to work on computers. Working for hours on computers and machines can be really stressful for the eyes and in such a scenario, the lights chosen should be placed properly so that it can be used at the angle needed by workers.

4. Choose the lights as per the requirement

It’s not advisable to use the same kind of lights throughout the commercial space. There are several varieties of lights like panel lights, tubelights, and LEDs that should be fixed as per the requirement of the tasks involved. From cabin to cubicles and from lobby to conference halls, the lighting requirement varies from one space to another.

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