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Murphy Lightings

Murphy 150W Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp

Murphy 150W Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp


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  • L=173mm,W=173mm,H=245mm (Included 1 pc of Murphy Infrared Bulb 150W / 230V / Base-BC E27)
  • Backache : Murphy Infrared gives quick relief in backache. In case of chronic problem, it is advisable to consult your doctor.
  • Bruises and Sprains : In the case of accidents, use Murphy Infrared after 12 hrs. Of accident, it helps to improve blood circulation resulting in to faster healing & quick relief from pain.
  • Rheumatic pain : Most common problem specially in old age, one can feel the difference after using Murphy Infrared, as it gives quick relief from pain.
  • Other Applications : Such as relief from pain & infection of Wound, Infrared skin, Boil, teeth extraction, Insect bites. Also useful in Loss of hair, Massage, Beauty treatment & various treatments for Pet animals.

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